Sample Of seminars & Workshops

  1. THE SEVEN MAJOR PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES COMMON AMONG THE FILM INDUSTRIES MOST SUCCESSFUL PRODUCERS.  There is a small core of powerful independent producers and production companies that know how to achieve their ultimate creative goals, locate their target audiences, and turn a profit on every picture they produce. They all apply these Seven Major Principles and Practices. 

  2. HOW TO FINANCE YOUR NEXT INDIE FILM.  This is the workshop you have been looking for to answer all your questions regarding financing your film.  You will receive practical, in-depth information, efficiently written and presented.  They will include Anne Marie Gillen's powerful PowerPoint presentation, documents and interactive Q&A.  We will start with a concise overview of The Seven Major Principals and Practices Common Among the Film Industries Most Successful Producers and how you can immediately implement these practices.  The key to the workshop will be exploring and understanding Sources of Film Financing Worldwide.  Equity is King – and finding and closing it is the key component to funding every film. We will cover everything from equity to crowdfunding; presales, estimates, tax credits/rebates, advertisers, co-production companies with financing to goods & services deals.

  3. BUSINESS PLAN BREAKTHROUGH.   A concise, thorough and compelling business plan is the essential document necessary to raise the funding to make your film. You must think like an investor to attract the investor.  This WORKSHOP will be a step-by-step guide of all necessary sections for a winning business plan. A clear understanding of the 3 absolutes of every Business Plan:  Money In / Money Out / Why you - Why this Project?   The 1st step to building your financial projections, distribution plan and getting a concise understanding of your marketing hooks for your film is researching and tracking comparable films over the last 7 years.  Excel tracking form with formulas, research sites and resources will be shared.  We will also address what the standard terms and conditions to offer investors; what, when and how to approach and make presentations to investors; risk mitigating factors to offer investors; perks to offer investors; what are all the other appendices and presentation materials you will need; how to speak their language
  4. YOUR MOST POWERFUL MARKETING & SALES TOOLS: Ripomatic/Proof of Concept/Sizzle Reel. Film is a visual medium and when pitching your project to investors, distributors, “A” level talent and financiers, this remarkable tool will set the tone and communicate your film’s marketability and must-see factor.

  5. DISTRIBUTION:  Traditional to DIY to Hybrid. This session will review the myriad of distribution models that the new digital age affords the indie producer: from theatrical to four wall and service deals, to streaming downloads and direct-to-consumer DVD.

  6. THE ART OF THE PITCH.  Have a fantastic screenplay, novel or treatment, but don’t know how to get it into the right hands?  Writers and filmmakers always face the challenge of having less than 60 seconds to convince powerful people to look at their work.  During this hands-on workshop, producer Anne Marie Gillen will show you how to convince them to read your material.

  7.  5 SECRETS TO FINANCING YOUR NEXT INDIE FILM: What Most Producers Don't Know. This session will explorehow to differentiate your project from all others, speak the language of investors, key risk mitigating factors to protect your investor(s), and more 

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